Services Offered

Registry Services

We have specific experience in registry operations from application to signing a Registry Agreement with ICANN to launch and management of a gTLD.

Registrar Services

Our team has direct experience with all areas of Registrar operations from initial accreditation to launch to management.

Reseller Services

We offer Resellers support in areas of audit, compliance, and domain portfolio management.


  • Startups 
  • Investigations, complaints, service of process, and legal demands (local, state, federal, international) including: Subpoenas (Civil and Criminal), Search Warrants, Pen Traps / Wire Taps, National Security Letters, Treaty Notice, Court Orders, Preservation Hold / Orders 
  • Intellectual property disputes (Trademark, Copyright, DMCA, piracy, UDRP, URS, WIPO, NAF)  
  • Contract and Policy management (RA, RRA, RAA, Reseller Agreements, various policies)  
  • Electronic file management / contract signing
  • Registry launch of a gTLD   
  • Website copywriting    
  • Channel Management   
  • Lobbying / PAC Manager / Political Contributions   
  • Corporate Formation / Merger / Dissolution
  • Executive Level Escalations  
  • Releases/Account Verification   
  • Account Terminations
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Domain Portfolio Management   
  • Domain Monetization and Premium Names
  • Social Media 
  • Bankruptcy Notices / Trustee Notices   
  • Back-end Registry / Registrar Service Provider Management   
  • China and Asia expansion   
  • Registry / Registrar software   
  • Registry / Registrar relationship management
  • Deaccredited Registrar Transition / Bulk Transfers
  • Contract Management / Electronic Contracts
  • Credit card chargebacks   
  • Marketing / Event Coordination   
  • Industry news monitoring   
  • Outside Counsel management and support
  • and more... 


  • Legislative monitoring   
  • ICANN policy monitoring and participation   
  • Complex research
  • Attend ICANN meetings 
  • Summarize weekly policy calls
  • RySG / RrSG membership  
  • and more...  


  • Cyber-Squatting, transfer disputes, domain theft   
  • National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) Mandatory Reporting   
  • ICANN contractual compliance 
  • Primary business contact for government and law enforcement (city, county, state, federal, international), 
  • Better Business Bureau (“BBB”)   
  • ICANN Audit
  • ICANN Auctions / Private Auctions
  • ICANN Accountability Mechanisms (DIDP, Reconsideration Requests, Ombudsman complaints, Independent Review Process)   
  • Malicious Monitoring / Abuse Investigations (Phishing, pharming, hacking, botnets, malware, DDOS)
  • CZDS Zone File Management   
  • Data Escrow  
  • Privacy issues   
  • Complex research
  • CanSpam 
  • Registry / Registrar Emergency Contact
  • ICANN GDD and Customer Portal Management
  • Internet governance
  • ICANN billing management   
  • ICANN Annual Reporting / Compliance Certificates    
  • Domain slamming   
  • RADAR management
  • Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH)
  • ICANN Monthly reporting   
  • ICANN Accreditation process
  • GDPR readiness, assessments, and DPO offerings
  • and more...